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The Competition Commemorates the Life of Jonathan Ray – Dmitry Druzhinsky

Countless personalities such as policymakers, media professionals and entrepreneurs, stars, and sports enthusiasts unite to witness the gripping contest. Since the year 2015, homegrown leaders from Brooklyn and the Bronx, have been throwing the ball at the wall in the Johnny Ray Memorial…


Influential Lawmakers Join Dmitry Druzhinsky at the Pro Wall Ball Tournament at Matchpoint NYC

As per the U.S. Wall Ball Association, in the 1930s beach-goers hit a bald tennis ball against the walls of wooden docks. This piqued the interest of New York Parks Department to create public handball courts in city parks. Today, the game is…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Welcomes Big Names, Big Events To Brooklyn Athletic Center

A luxurious recreation center appealing to everyone is fast becoming a global hub for tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, wall ball, and other events. Guests and members sample the different activities available, while well-known professional athletes use the facilities during their practice sessions. From…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Invites Athletes, Celebrities To MatchPoint NYC

In New York City, a sports and fitness center for the entire family is fast becoming a global destination for sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts and more. Well-known professional athletes are enjoying the facilities during their training sessions, while…