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Dmitry Druzhinsky Proud Of MatchPoint NYC Events

Dmitry Druzhinsky, alongside the staff at MatchPoint NYC, are proud of their range of activities and of being a superior center for athletic excellence. The aquatic director for the center, Konstantin Petrov, is a professional athlete boasting a Bronze medal from the Olympics…


A Real Interactive Cycling Experience Has Been Introduced at Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPointNYC

Top sporting associations have been eyeing Dmitry Druzhinsky’s  MatchPoint NYC as the perfect venue to host tournaments and ritzy events because of the 120,000 square feet of open space. Recently, professional tennis champion and Olympic silver medalist, Dinara Safina was present at the Say…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Notes Celebrity Appearances At MatchPointNYC

Over 120,000 square feet of available space are bringing many leading athletic associations to MatchPoint NYC as an excellent host for tournaments and special events. Professional tennis player and Olympic silver medalist, Dinara Safina joined the Say No to Bullying! Fitness Day. At…


Members, Guests and Professional Athletes Enjoy Facilities of MatchPointNYC – Dmitry Druzhinsky

A well-known family sports and wellness center is soon evolving into an international venue for swimming, basketball, martial arts, gymnastics and different events. Members look forward to trying out the several features offered while professional athletes make full use of the venue for…


Dmitry Druzhinsky On Being Honored to Provide a Venue for a Good Cause

Druzhinsky, MatchPoint NYC members and the employees are extremely happy to be providing a venue for various fundraising events that contribute to the society. These events serve as effective platforms to allow athletes to display their sporting skills in fierce yet friendly matches,…