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Dmitry Druzhinsky Welcomes Revolutionary Fitness Centers To New York

In 2012, Dmitry Druzhinsky dove into the most aspiring contract of his career: a $20 million project to construct New York’s preeminent athletic and fitness space. After an arduous process of negotiations, the perfect three-acre lot in Coney Island was secured, and the…


Dmitry Druzhinsky – MatchPoint NYC Proud To Announce $250,000 Was Raised At 6th Annual R Baby Foundation Tennis Tournament

MatchPoint NYC was the venue for the annual tennis tournament by R Baby Foundation for another year sequentially on Saturday, April 16. Dmitry Druzhinsky, the location’s co-founder is pleased to announce that more than $250,000 was raised as a result of the event,…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Taking MatchPointNYC Brand To Wider Audience

Co-founder Dmitry Druzhinsky is bringing the phenomenally successful  MatchPoint NYC bto two more fitness centers to New York City. The celebratedreal estate investor disclosed that one new center will be opening its doors to the city in the fourth quarter of 2016, with the…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Delivers 120,000 Square Foot Fitness Facility To Coney Island

MatchPoint NYC is located three acre lot within Coney Island, offering over 120,000 square feet of top of the line equipment and amenities, most notably aspect an extensive nine court indoor tennis arena, the largest of its kind in Brooklyn. The luxury sports…