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Dmitry Druzhinsky – MatchPoint NYC Thrilled To Host 6th Annual R Baby Foundation Tennis Tournament

MatchPoint NYC was pleased to hold the 6th annual R Baby Foundation Tennis Tournament In April of 2016. The event proceeded in the center’s roomy indoor facilities, and both professional tennis players and Wall Street’s top financers competed. The R Baby Foundation, America’s…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Highlights The Importance Of Philanthropic Attempts On The Community

Dmitry Druzhinsky, co-founder of the affluent health and fitness complex MatchPoint NYC, recognizes the favorable effect philanthropic actions can have on a society in need of help. By partnering with local charities and public welfare plans, the entrepreneur offers key support for schools,…


Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPointNYC Was Created To Help The Lack Of Recreational Infrastructure In The Area

Dmitry Druzhinsky founded the elite sports center in 2013, after determining a dearth of recreational infrastructure in the area. As an effect of his determination to club’s members, employees, and the community, the complex has quickly become the selected venue for families, expert…


Dmitry Druzhinsky – Popularity Of MatchPoint’s Top-Notch Tennis Facility No Surprise

MatchPoint has gained recognition, according to Dmitry Druzhinsky, because of the cutting edge indoor tennis arena with nine courts and six additional mini courts dedicated to children. Local and international greats frequent the grounds, including Kazakhstan international Aleksandr Nedovyesv and the former top…


The Annual R Baby Tennis Tournament Hosted At Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPoint NYC Works Towards Enhancing Childcare Facilities

Jason Pinsky started the charity’s tennis tournament in 2010, “Six years back I got to know that the foundation was organizing a golf event, and I made a recommendation that we should establish a tennis event. The preliminary year was like a test…