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Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPoint NYC Is Home To Nine Court Indoor Tennis Area, Largest In Brooklyn

Covering three-acres and being over 120,000 sq. ft. in area, Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPoint NYC puts forward an unparalleled range of equipment and facilities, comprising a restaurant and a juice bar. Its highlight is an extensive, nine court indoor tennis arena, the largest of…


Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPoint NYC’s Experience Has Made It A Preferred Venue For Individuals And Word-class Tournaments

Coney Island, an area customarily deficient of recreational infrastructure, now has one of Brooklyn’s latest and most notable facilities, MatchPoint NYC. Driven by his aspiration for sports and promise to South Brooklyn, entrepreneur Dmitry Druzhinsky co-founded the fancy sports center in 2013 after…


Dmitry Druzhinsky – MatchPointNYC Hosts Benefit For Child Health Services

The R Baby Foundation is America’s first charity organization with the goal of saving infants’ lives by improving pediatric care. To date $8 million has been raised and given to hospital programs and saved more than one million lives. The nonprofit’s annual tennis…


Dmitry Druzhinsky – Perfect Location In Brooklyn For Prominent Charity Fundraisers

MatchPoint NYC is located on three acres on Coney Island, hosting over 120,000 square feet of top of the line equipment and amenities, the most renowned of which is an expansive nine court indoor tennis place. This tennis center is the biggest of…