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Dmitry Druzhinsky Proud Of MatchPoint NYC Events

Dmitry Druzhinsky, alongside the staff at MatchPoint NYC, are proud of their range of activities and of being a superior center for athletic excellence. The aquatic director for the center, Konstantin Petrov, is a professional athlete boasting a Bronze medal from the Olympics…


A Real Interactive Cycling Experience Has Been Introduced at Dmitry Druzhinsky’s MatchPointNYC

Top sporting associations have been eyeing Dmitry Druzhinsky’s  MatchPoint NYC as the perfect venue to host tournaments and ritzy events because of the 120,000 square feet of open space. Recently, professional tennis champion and Olympic silver medalist, Dinara Safina was present at the Say…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Invites Athletes, Celebrities To MatchPoint NYC

In New York City, a sports and fitness center for the entire family is fast becoming a global destination for sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts and more. Well-known professional athletes are enjoying the facilities during their training sessions, while…


Dmiotry Druzhinsky Honored To Welcome Charitable Fundraisers To MatchPointNYC

MatchPoint NYC employees, members, and Druzhinsky are proud to host a number of cause-driven fundraisers and events that give players an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in fierce but friendly matches, while also inspiring young athletes to stay healthy, pursue their passion, and…


Dmitry Druzhinsky On Rising Popularity Of Wall Ball

In the 1930s, according to the U.S. Wall Ball Association, beach revelers hitting an old tennis ball against wooden jetties encouraged the New York Parks Department to install community handball courts in city parks. Now, the sport is a professional endeavor known as…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Continues To Show His Compassion For Local Community

Co-founder of Brooklyn’s luxury health and fitness complex MatchPoint NYC Dmitry Druzhinsky comprehends the important effect philanthropy can leave on a community in need. With continued partnership of local non-profits and public welfare initiatives, the entrepreneur continues to deliver critical support for schools,…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Notes Top-Notch Facilities Offered At All MatchPoint Locations

MatchPoint’s most prized feature, according to Dmitry Druzhinsky, is a top-notch indoor tennis arena with nine courts and six additional mini courts dedicated to youth. Local and international greats frequent the grounds, including Kazakhstan international Aleksandr Nedovyesv and the former number one ranked…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Shares Wealth of Real Estate Knowledge

Dmitry Druzhinsky’s career in property development began in 2000, when he oversaw the building of his own home. Since then, he has been the driving force behind the construction and eventual sale of over one hundred properties around the area. As MatchPoint NYC’s…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Brings MatchPointNYC To Life

For nearly twenty years, property investor and developer Dmitry Druzhinsky has revolutionized New York’s residential and recreational infrastructure. Brooklyn’s MatchPoint NYC, his latest offering, has evolved into New York’s premier sports, health and fitness destination for residents and professional athletes of all ages.…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Dedicated To Members, Staff, And Community

MatchPoint NYC is situated on a three acre lot on Coney Island, offering over 120,000 square feet of unparalleled equipment and amenities, with the most notable aspect being an expansive nine court indoor tennis arena that is the largest of its kind in…