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Members, Guests and Professional Athletes Enjoy Facilities of MatchPointNYC – Dmitry Druzhinsky

A well-known family sports and wellness center is soon evolving into an international venue for swimming, basketball, martial arts, gymnastics and different events. Members look forward to trying out the several features offered while professional athletes make full use of the venue for…


Dmitry Druzhinsky On Being Honored to Provide a Venue for a Good Cause

Druzhinsky, MatchPoint NYC members and the employees are extremely happy to be providing a venue for various fundraising events that contribute to the society. These events serve as effective platforms to allow athletes to display their sporting skills in fierce yet friendly matches,…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Welcomes Big Names, Big Events To Brooklyn Athletic Center

A luxurious recreation center appealing to everyone is fast becoming a global hub for tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, wall ball, and other events. Guests and members sample the different activities available, while well-known professional athletes use the facilities during their practice sessions. From…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Committed To Fundraisers At MatchPointNYC

Beyond the nine indoor tennis courts, MatchPoint NYC offers guests access to a full size gym with top of the line exercise equipment and three group fitness studios. Also on-site are a junior Olympic pool, rhythmic gymnastics area, a basketball court, Yoga studio,…


Dmitry Druzhinsky On MatchPointNYC Being More Than Basic Health Center

“From the beginning, MatchPoint NYC was intended to be more than just a basic health center,” exclaimed Dmitry Druzhinsky. “Our approach has been to make it into a community hub, a kind of athletic village where Brooklyn residents can socialize, compete and collaborate.”…


Dmitry Druzhinsky – MatchPointNYC Hosts Annual Wall Ball Tournament

Since 2015, politicians, business and media professionals, and celebrities have gathered along with sports fans to witness some fast-paced competition. Local athletes from Brooklyn and the Bronx have been smashing ball to wall annually in the Johnny Ray Memorial Pro Wall Ball Tournament,…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Welcomes Dozens Of Charity Events To MatchPointNYC

MatchPointNYC offers more than three acres of upscale facilities, including nine indoor tennis courts, making it Brooklyn’s premiere tennis complex, and the second largest throughout the New York area.  Since its grand opening in 2013 in Coney Island, MatchPoint has welcomed dozens of…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Discusses Successful Charity Events At MatchPointNYC

In April 2016, MatchPoint NYC proudly hosted the 6th annual R Baby Foundation Tennis Tournament. The event happened in the center’s expansive indoor facilities, with both professional tennis players and Wall Street’s leading financers competing. The R Baby Foundation is America’s first and…


Dmitry Druzhinsky On Top-Notch Offerings Of MatchPointNYC Facilities

Dmitry Druzhinsky accepted the most ambitious project of his career in 2012: a $20 million endeavor to develop New York’s best health and fitness destination. After a strenuous negotiation process with the city, a coveted three-acre parcel in Coney Island was obtained, and…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Welcomes Annual Tennis Fundraising Tournament

Saturday, April 16 saw MatchPoint NYC play host to the R Baby Foundation’s annual tennis tournament for the second year in a row. The venue’s co-founder, Dmitry Druzhinsky has excitedly announced that over $250,000 was raised at the event, which brought tennis professionals…