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Dmitry Druzhinsky Discusses Full-Service Facilities At MatchPointNYC

The mission of MatchPoint NYC is to improve the health, well-being and lifestyle of its members, and this is apparent throughout the groundbreaking facility. The roomy, 12,000 sq. ft. gym welcomes those seeking to push themselves on the most advanced fitness equipment on…


Dmitry Druzhinsky Fills Dire Need For Athletic Space

Coney Island, an area previously lacking significant recreational infrastructure, is now home to one of Brooklyn’s newest and most popular fitness facilities, MatchPoint NYC. Inspired by a burning passion for athletics and a devotion to South Brooklyn, entrepreneur Dmitry Druzhinsky noticed a dire…


Brooklyn’s Druzhinsky Excited To Host Expert Competitions

A sports and fitness center designed for the whole family is rapidly becoming a global destination for sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnastics, martial arts, and wall ball. MatchPointNYC’s members and guests are sampling the different activities available, and well-known professional athletes…


Druzhinsky Dependable Host For Charitable Sports Tourneys

Along with sports fans, politicians, business and media professionals, and celebrities gather every year to witness the fast-paced competition. Local figures from Brooklyn and the Bronx have been smashing the ball to the wall since 2015 in the Johnny Ray Memorial Pro Wall…